Meet The Team!

Electriculture is dedicated to providing direct and personalized solar energy systems to home and business owners in the state of Ohio. Our services include consulting, design, and installation guaranteed to return long-term energy savings. 

Nader Circle Pic.png

Nader  G. Shaheen

Founder & CEO

With a background in electrical engineering and an award-winning design from The Ohio State University, Nader Shaheen is passionate about bringing renewables to the forefront of Ohio's energy use. During his time at OSU Nader completed two international projects installing solar and wind energy systems, while also receiving a $20,000 grant to design a solar energy system for the Ohio Union. After graduating with a B.S in electrical engineering Nader decided he wanted to impact the Ohio energy market by providing customers with cost-effective and clean energy sources.

Ed Mowrer P.E.

Design Consultant

Edward Mowrer is a registered Professional Engineer with over 40 years of utility and energy experience.  He has been involved with solar projects since 1977 and currently teaches several courses on renewable energy and energy efficiency at a local community college. Ed has been involved with solar PV design for projects in several third world countries as well as the US.

Mike Meffie

Chief Electrician 

With over 35 years of experience owning and operating the Meffie Electric Company, Mike has dedicated his life to ensuring safety and quality to all of his clients, and is looking forward to extend that expertise into renewable energy!

Mohamed Al Murtadha Abdel Karim

Marketing Director

A practitioner of Design and Research, Mohamed combines his knowledge of modern psychology with current User-Centered Design practices. After Graduating from Ohio State in 2020 he has dedicated his practice to creating exciting brands and effective user experience. He currently studies for his master’s in Information Design and Strategy from Northwestern University while working in User Experience, Graphic, and Web design.