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1        A subset of electrical engineering combined with the knowledge and principles of structural and humanitarian engineering to develop renewable energy generation, storage, and distribution systems.

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The cost of going solar is down 50% over the last 6 years and is a guaranteed long term investment for you and your family!


"Electriculture was great to work with from the initial call to the completion of the project.  Nader was able to answer all of our questions, he took care of all the paperwork, and had great communication along the way. We loved working with a hometown company with great expertise and customer service!"

- Peter & Elise Schafer 

"We were very impressed with Electriculture. Their team made the entire process of going solar quick, easy, and straightforward. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking into solar energy for their home!"

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Do solar panels work in Ohio?

A. Yes! Even with all our rainy days, we get plenty of sunlight here in the buckeye state!

Solar panels are really expensive, right?

A. Not necessarily! Solar prices have been decreasing for years and with the added incentives, they’re both a safe and affordable investment!

What kind of incentives are there?

A. The big one is the federal tax credit equivalent to 26% of the total project cost, but depending on your building there can be a few potential options.

How does the tax credit work exactly?

A. For example, if your project costs $10,000 to install, $2,600 will be refunded to you as a credit toward your federal income tax for that year!

So what's the rush?

A. Right now the tax credit is set to 26%, however, it use to be at 30%, and after 2022, it will be falling to 22% and even further after that, so now is really the best time to make the switch to solar!

Do solar panels cause damage to my roof?

A. Solar panels actually extend the lifetime of shingle roofs by protecting them from direct sunlight, debris, and maintaining a more regulated temperature!

How do solar panels affect temperature?

A. Solar panels actually provide additional insulation to your roof keeping the summers cooler and the winters warmer, further reducing energy costs!

So how long until I make my money back?

A. Typically, we like to keep the payback period between 9 and 10 years if possible!

And how long do they last overall?

A. You can expect your system to last about 30 years!

What about the maintenance?

A. The short answer is there is no maintenance! The long answer is seriously, no maintenance!!!

But what if I’m not sure I’ll keep the same house?

A. Several national studies show an increase in property value on solar homes when looking to sell!

But what if I have an old roof and a big tree in front?

A. Funny you should ask! We can provide both roof replacement and tree services! By the way, if you bundle those services with solar, they’re eligible for the same 26% tax credit!

So how much does it cost for an estimate?

A. Nothing! Electriculture would be happy to check out your place and create a proposal for you and your family to view! Our team will be able to provide you with a quote including the total system cost, expected payback, and profit within just two days!

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As a team dedicated to promoting renewable energy, it's only fair we do our part too! Electriculture is proud to introduce our first all electric vehicle!